Dream opens the future Dialogue with Craig Mundy

Dream opens the future Dialogue with Craig Mundy

    At 1 pm, I took the special bus from the east gate of the school to Shangri-La near Zizhu Bridge to participate in the "Dream Opens the Future Dialogue Craig Mondy" event organized by MSRA. 1. let’s take a look at Craig Mundy’s style; second, also to participate in the on-site awards, because our iHomecare project won the third prize in this Microsoft Challenge.

    For information about the awards, please refer to the blog of the Western Power Microsoft Technology Club: The results of the 2009 National Finals of the Microsoft Elite Challenge are announced .

    Microsoft Elite Challenge 2009 National Finals Results Announced

         On Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 01:26, the activity started at 3 pm. 1. the Deputy Dean Song Luolan, who is in charge of UR, talked about the close relationship established between MSRA and various universities, and the first prize and second prize of this competition. The prize project was demonstrated live. Then Craig Mundi and Hong Xiaowen presented awards to our winning team. I took over the trophy for this competition from Dean Hong Xiaowen and shook hands with the idol. I felt a little nervous and felt sweaty palms. Next is the main part of the event. Craig Mundy describes the research Microsoft is doing and the changes it brings to humanity. He demonstrated the Surface, Tablet PC and an ultra-thin phone-like thing (similar to paper) on the spot, and also played some meaningful videos, of course, including some research done by MSRA. After Craig Mundy finished his speech, he communicated with many students present. Of course, it was also in the form of Q&A. Questions lasted until 5 o'clock and ended.

    After the meeting, with the feedback form, everyone received a laptop bag. Personally, the overall feeling of this event is pretty good, the organization is well organized, and the venue layout is also very good. The key is to get the crystal trophy, which is really good. The classmates of our club took a group photo together to end the Shangri-La trip. Send some pictures of the event up.

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