"Fighting the epidemic, digital first", Tencent Cloud Cloud Development helps Shenzhen Metro to launch an epidemic prevention and control system

"Fighting the epidemic, digital first", Tencent Cloud Cloud Development helps Shenzhen Metro to launch an epidemic prevention and control system

At present, enterprises across the country have begun to resume work and production, which has put forward a new and severe test for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the normal operation of the city. As the window department of Shenzhen city operation, Shenzhen Metro has officially launched its epidemic prevention and control system with the help of Tencent Cloud in order to protect the health of employees of Shenzhen Metro Group and related units and expand the group's management of epidemic prevention and control information.

The Shenzhen Metro Epidemic Prevention and Control System uses WeChat as the mobile portal. Employees of the group and affiliated companies can access the system through the "Shenzhen Metro Enterprise Account" on WeChat, and employees of related units can open the "Shenzhen Metro Mini Program" on WeChat and pass. "One company, one code" accurately matches the organizational structure to complete the information filling, which solves the problem of numerous affiliated units and frequent changes in personnel that are difficult to count, and meets the needs of personnel in different roles.

It is worth mentioning that the Shenzhen Metro Epidemic Prevention and Control System, whether it is a management terminal or a small program terminal, is built based on Tencent Cloud Cloud development . With the help of cloud development and cloud-integrated brand-new R&D and operation and maintenance model, the Shenzhen Metro Epidemic Prevention and Control System realizes one cloud and multiple terminals (Web terminal and small program terminal) , and was quickly launched.

Cloud Development (CloudBase) is a cloud-integrated back-end cloud service. It adopts a serverless architecture, which eliminates the cumbersome server construction and operation and maintenance in the construction of mobile applications. At the same time, the static hosting, command line tool (CLI), Flutter SDK and other capabilities provided by cloud development greatly reduce the threshold for application development. Using cloud development can quickly build complete applications such as small programs/games, H5, Web, and mobile apps.

Architecture Design and Implementation of Shenzhen Metro Epidemic Prevention and Control System

Overall structure

The prevention and control of the epidemic requires fast speed, and the entire system is required to meet the needs of "fast operation". The front-end and back-end of cloud development adopt an integrated development model, with flexible expansion, no operation and maintenance, safe certification, stable and reliable, and not only supports small programs, but also supports fast access to various applications such as Web and mobile terminals. In the context of "fast operation" requirements, cloud development is undoubtedly the best technology selection solution.

Mini terminal architecture

As a "city of immigrants" in Shenzhen, the Metro Group and related units have employees from all over the country, and the group has a huge organizational structure, and faces multiple difficulties in epidemic prevention and control. First of all, it is difficult to count personnel, and it is necessary to efficiently identify people who are in close contact with the epidemic. Secondly, with a huge organizational structure, the group needs to know the stock and consumption of epidemic prevention materials in a timely manner. At the same time, security personnel need to deal with a large number of feverish passengers and passengers without masks every day. The rapid response and timely handling of problems is also a major test for Shenzhen subway operators.

Based on the small program cloud development jointly created by WeChat and Tencent Cloud, the Shenzhen Metro Epidemic Prevention System quickly builds relevant business functions at the application layer.

Take the front-line staff represented by security inspectors as an example, they have to face a large number of floating people every day, and problems must be quickly responded to and handled in a timely manner. The system provides the security check personnel with the "security check information report" function, which can report special situations with one click, provide epidemic information to the subway command center at the fastest speed, and provide precise management for joint prevention, control, and precise policy implementation.

Through this system, employees can fill in health information in a timely manner, including personal recent travel information and epidemic exposure, and cooperate with the daily health check-in function in the system, which greatly facilitates the group to grasp the health status of employees in real time, and automatically associate geographical location information to remind The employees of Lishen Bank make up the itinerary information in time. If employees encounter obstacles in the process of returning to Shenzhen, they can also report to the group in time through the system.

Management end architecture

In addition to making information reporting and summary more convenient and faster, the epidemic prevention and control system also adds a management terminal, which provides managers with rich visual human-computer data interaction, intelligent AI briefing, online approval and comments, and fine-grained Permission security control and other functions to realize the full-scene experience of the command center video wall and mobile terminal.

Through the cloud-developed Web SDK, connect to the cloud database developed by the cloud, and then realize the management and monitoring of the data on the applet side.

In response to the continuous changes in the scope of key epidemic areas and the complexity of statistical dimensions and indicators, using big data analysis tools, the epidemic prevention and control system can quickly model, intelligently update the screening characteristics of the people who focus on the epidemic and provide timely warning. At the same time, through the large-scale command screen, it can visually analyze the changes in the passenger flow of each subway line, the resumption of personnel, and the correlation between the elimination of materials, and assist in the management of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work. The epidemic prevention system does not collect sensitive personal information of employees. At the same time, the data reported by employees strictly adopts a hierarchical authorization model for centralized management and control, which effectively protects data security.

At present, the system has provided epidemic prevention services for 24,000 people in the Metro Group and its affiliated companies , and approximately 80,000 people in external affiliates .

Cloud Development (CloudBase) is a cloud-integrated product solution. It adopts a serverless architecture, avoids operation and maintenance such as environment construction, supports one cloud and multiple terminals, and helps to quickly build small programs, web applications, and mobile applications.

Technical documentation: https://www.cloudbase.net/

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