3 years MVP road, a grateful heart

3 years MVP road, a grateful heart

        At the beginning of December, I participated in the "2011 GCR MVP Open Day" held by Microsoft in Beijing. I met old friends and made new friends. Looking back on the three-year MVP road, I can't help but feel a lot of emotion.

        My first contact with Microsoft technology was when I was a graduate student in 2007. I made a module for a project in the laboratory and used Pocket PC. The school happens to set up the Microsoft Technology Club, which organizes activities similar to technology salons, and invites teachers from research institutes or engineering schools to come and guide learning. You can consult them for any problems encountered in your own learning process. At the same time, we will also join some technical forums, participate in questions, and participate in discussions. Gradually, from the beginning of the question, I slowly learned to answer some of the questions of others, and I also got some sense of accomplishment from it.

        At the beginning of 2008, the administrator of the forum recommended me to apply for MVP, but I feel that I haven't met the requirements. So in the next six months, I summarized the technology used in the project, the problems encountered and the methods to solve the problems, established my own blog in the blog garden, shared these documents with everyone, and shared with the majority of technology enthusiasts. , To discuss some issues together. At the same time, he joined the school’s Microsoft Technology Club, teamed up with students to participate in the research institute’s projects for universities, and actively participated in the competition initiated by the research institute. In each competition, we have an attitude of learning. With the continuous efforts of the players, we can gradually get the rankings, which also greatly encouraged the self-confidence of the students.

        At the end of 2008, I joined the big family of Microsoft Chinese Technology Forum, mainly answering questions in my field of expertise, and handling some daily post management. In April 2009, the MVP I applied for was successful. I was very happy at the time, which was also a kind of affirmation and encouragement to myself. Of course, this is only the beginning of MVP, there are many things waiting for me in the future.

        By this year, it is the third year of MVP. In the past three years, I have continued to pay attention to technology, answering questions on forums, and sharing technical articles on blogs. At the same time, I have also grown. Because I think the spirit of MVP lies in helping and sharing. Since graduating from work last year, the time and energy invested in spare time has also been limited. But this is where I am interested. I choose to continue my path. Thank you to all the friends who have helped me over the past three years.

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