Documentary of Windows 7 Beijing Conference

Documentary of Windows 7 Beijing Conference

    Microsoft released Windows Phone in China World Trade Center last week, and today it released the expected Windows 7 in Beijing's 798 Art District. Thanks to China MVP Service Center and Sisley Lin for providing me with the invitation letter for this press conference, which gave me the opportunity to visit the site and experience this event in person.

    At the entrance of the venue, I ran into Lao Ge and Zhang Xin, two Mobile MVPs, taking photos with people wearing Win7 promotional clothes.

    It was almost two o'clock when I arrived at the venue. I saw that there are many Win7-equipped devices in the experience area, including netbooks, desktops, notebooks, and devices similar to Surface (it is said to be able to implement all the functions of Surface, based on Win7).

    In another experience area, I saw many windows phones, including HTC, Dopod, LG and many other brands of windows mobile 6.5 machines.

    Of course, there are some other brand promotion, such as windows live and office.

    After an exciting Win7 promotional video, Liang Nianjian started a speech, and Mike Nash worked together. The two of them mainly gave a brief introduction and demonstration of the new features of Win7, including Multitouch, media player, online shopping in cooperation with Taobao, online paying in cooperation with various banks in China, photos (demonstrating a photo stitching function) ), Internet TV, wireless connection, resource sharing, games and many other very useful Demos. From these places, I can feel that MS pays great attention to localization work this time, which is the Feature suitable for the Chinese people, including the USB Key of various banks, watching and recording local TV programs, and so on. In addition, Hunan Satellite TV’s "Everyday Upward" program will feature Microsoft and Win7 topics at 7:30 this evening. You can pay attention to it then.

    At the end of the conference, the new experience area was unveiled. I played with Surface Lagoon and Google Earth on HP TouchSmart, and it was pretty gorgeous!

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