Renren's Windows Phone 7 application development started

Renren's Windows Phone 7 application development started

        Currently, has a very high penetration rate among domestic college students. Some time ago, about the way it was in late November, Renren released the public beta version of the Windows Phone 7 client. I think the pros and cons of Windows Phone 7 localization are directly related to its future domestic market share. And SNS applications for student groups such as Renren will also affect the degree of recognition of WP7 platform by college students. You can download the public beta version of Renren's WP7 from the website. If you don't have a WP7 device, you can also deploy it to the simulator for trial using the Application Deployment tool in the SDK. Here is the relevant process of WP7 platform development for everyone application.

1. Registered Renren Application Development API Key

        Log in to Renren's homepage and click on the "Open Platform" link at the bottom of the page, as shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Open platform link

        Complete relevant information in the basic information page, including developer type, developer name, location, etc., as shown in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2: Improve developer information

        After filling in, go to the mailbox to check the email, click the confirmation link to activate the developer account, as shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3: Email activation of developer account

        In the pop-up window, select the application type to be developed. If it is a mobile device application, generally select "Client", as shown in Figure 4 below:

Figure 4: Select application type

        After that, we can see the management page of the application, whose properties include API Key and Secret Key, as shown in Figure 5 below:

Figure 5: Application management page

2. Download RenrenSDK for WP7 platform

        We can log in to Renren's Wiki to download the SDK source code of the WP7 platform, the link address is: , select Windows Phone 7 SDK on the page, as shown in Figure 6 below :

Figure 6: RenrenSDK download page

        Open the downloaded compressed package, we can find that it contains a development documentation directory, an SDK source code directory and a Sample directory, as shown in Figure 7 below:

Figure 7: RenrenSDK file directory

        Open with Visual Studio, we can find that the Solution contains two projects, one is the source code project that encapsulates Renren Lib, and the other is the Sample project that uses the lib. From the perspective of its organization, it should be written in the popular Model-View-ViewModel structure, as shown in Figure 8 below:

Figure 8: RenrenSDK project interface

3. Modification of API Key

        The directly downloaded project already contains the API Key and Secret Key of the Renren application. You can run and debug by directly compiling. From the login interface, we can see that the name of the application is phone7 sdk development, as shown in Figure 9 Shown.

Figure 9: The name of the example project

        Of course, we can put the API Key and Secret Key obtained by ourselves into the project. The specific files are "SDK Sample\app.xaml.cs" and "RenrenSDKLibrary\Constants\ConstantValue.cs", and the related API Key Replace with Secret Key, as shown in Figure 10 below:

Figure 10: Replacement of API Key and Secret Key

4. Related APIs included in SDK Lib

        This part of the content can refer to the doc document. Of course, the content written in the document is just a list of these functions. How to use it, we need to refer to the relevant methods in the Sample.

Interface name

Callback parameter type





Login with authorization page

The authorization page pops up, complete the login and obtain the sessionKey



Authorization page login with permission

Same as above, can customize permissions



Login with username and password

Use the input box, username and password to log in and authorize



Sign out

sign out



Get user information

Obtain user information containing the specified field name



Get current user information

Get current user information



Get friend ID

Return to friend ID list



Get friend information

Get friend information



Get app friends list

Get a list of friends in the app



Get album information

Get album list and information



upload photos

Call the data interface to upload photos



Upload photos with one click

Call the interface to upload photos



New album

Create album, return to new album aid



Post custom news

Post custom news



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Table 1: List of related APIs provided by SDK

Reference link:

1. Renren WP7 beta version:

2. Renren Open Platform SDK Directory:

Reference: Windows Phone 7 application development started-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud