C# draw PDF nested form

C# draw PDF nested form

Nested tables, that is, insert one or more tables in a specific cell in a table. The advantage of using nested tables is that it can make the layout of the content more reasonable, and it is also convenient for program application. The following example will introduce how to use C# programming to demonstrate how to insert a nested table into a PDF document.

The main points are summarized:

1. Insert a nested table

2. Insert text into nested table

3. Insert the picture into the nested table

use tools


1. The version used here is 4.9.7. After testing, the PdfGridCellContentList and PdfGridCellContent classes involved in the code are only available in this version or above. When using, please pay attention to the version information.

2. After downloading and installing, when editing the code, please add a reference to Spire.Pdf.dll (the dll file can be obtained under the Bin folder under the installation path)

Sample code (for reference)

using Spire.Pdf;
using Spire.Pdf.Graphics;
using Spire.Pdf.Grid;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System;

namespace NestedTable_PDF
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
           //Instantiate the PdfDocument class and add the page to the newly created document
            PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument();
            PdfPageBase page = pdf.Pages.Add();

           //Add fonts, brushes, and write text to PDF documents
            PdfTrueTypeFont font = new PdfTrueTypeFont(new Font("行楷", 11f), true);
            PdfPen pen = new PdfPen(Color.Gray);
            string text = "2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games Medal Ranking";
            page.Canvas.DrawString(text, font, pen, 100, 50);

           //Create a PDF form and add two rows
            PdfGrid grid = new PdfGrid(); 
            PdfGridRow row1 = grid.Rows.Add();
            PdfGridRow row2 = grid.Rows.Add();

           //Set the top and bottom margins between the cell content and the border of the table
            grid.Style.CellPadding.Top = 5f;
            grid.Style.CellPadding.Bottom = 5f;

           //Add three columns and set the column width
            grid.Columns[0].Width = 120f;
            grid.Columns[1].Width = 150f;
            grid.Columns[2].Width = 120f; 

           //Create a nested table with one row and two columns
            PdfGrid embedGrid1 = new PdfGrid();
            PdfGridRow newRow = embedGrid1.Rows.Add();

           //Set the column width of the nested table
            embedGrid1.Columns[0].Width = 50f;
            embedGrid1.Columns[1].Width = 60f;

           //Initialize the SizeF class, set the picture size
            SizeF imageSize = new SizeF(45, 35);
           //Instantiate the PdfGridCellContentList, PdfGridCellContent classes, and load the pictures added to the nested table
            PdfGridCellContentList contentList = new PdfGridCellContentList();
            PdfGridCellContent content = new PdfGridCellContent();
            content.Image = PdfImage.FromFile("1.png");
            content.ImageSize = imageSize;
           //Instantiate the PdfStringFormat, PdfTrueTypeFont class, set the cell text alignment, font, font size, etc.
            PdfStringFormat stringFormat = new PdfStringFormat(PdfTextAlignment.Center, PdfVerticalAlignment.Middle);         

           //Set the value of the cell of the nested table and apply the format
            newRow.Cells[0].Value = "Norway";
            newRow.Cells[0].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            newRow.Cells[1].Value = contentList;//Add the picture to the second cell of the nested table
            newRow.Cells[1].StringFormat = stringFormat;           

           //Set the value and format of the first table cell
            row1.Cells[0].Value = "Rank";
            row1.Cells[0].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            row1.Cells[0].Style.Font = font;
            row1.Cells[0].Style.BackgroundBrush = PdfBrushes.LightSalmon;
            row1.Cells[1].Value = "Country";
            row1.Cells[1].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            row1.Cells[1].Style.Font = font;
            row1.Cells[1].Style.BackgroundBrush = PdfBrushes.LightSalmon;
            row1.Cells[2].Value = "Total";
            row1.Cells[2].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            row1.Cells[2].Style.Font = font;
            row1.Cells[2].Style.BackgroundBrush = PdfBrushes.LightSalmon;

            row2.Cells[0].Value = "1";
            row2.Cells[0].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            row2.Cells[0].Style.Font = font;
            row2.Cells[1].Value = embedGrid1;//Add the nested grid to the second cell of the second row of the first grid
            row2.Cells[1].StringFormat = stringFormat;

            row2.Cells[2].Value = "39";
            row2.Cells[2].StringFormat = stringFormat;
            row2.Cells[2].Style.Font = font;

           //Draw the table to the specified position on the page
            grid.Draw(page, new PointF(30f, 90f));

           //Save the document and open

After the code is completed, debug the program, generate the document, and the effect of drawing the nested table is as follows:

The above is the entire content of this C# drawing PDF nested table.

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