Wireless network access point scanning on Windows Mobile

Wireless network access point scanning on Windows Mobile

  Needless to say, I believe everyone knows the importance of Wifi on mobile phones. Everyone hopes to be able to realize high-speed mobile Internet on small and exquisite mobile devices, and the gap with desktop PCs is as small as possible.

  Last month, Telecommunication World Network announced a "China Telecom CDMA+Wi-Fi Strategic Analysis" message, saying that China Telecom will successively invest 80 billion yuan in the next three years to upgrade, transform, and optimize CDMA networks, and Adopting the combination of CDMA + WLAN, giving full play to the combined advantages of CDMA and WLAN, providing seamless mobile wireless broadband Internet services, and helping China Telecom quickly open the mobile broadband market. China Telecom has done a large number of Wi-Fi deployments in 21 southern provinces, and plans to complete 25,000 hotspot coverage by the end of the year. At present, Shanghai Telecom has built 3,000 hotspots, Guangdong Telecom has built 1,400 Wi-Fi hotspots, Wuhan Telecom has covered 500 hotspots, Zhejiang Telecom will build 8,000 hotspots by the end of the year, and Jiangsu Telecom has deployed 8,000 in the province. More hot spots. For the public, the application of wireless broadband network provides diversified channels and methods for communication between people. People can enjoy nowhere at home, entertainment venues, hotels, airports, green spaces, conference centers and other places. Absent network access services, truly realize digital life.

  Currently, many windows mobile devices have Wifi chips, and the system also comes with wireless access management software. However, do you think that the built-in software is more troublesome to use? 1. which APs need passwords and which ones can be accessed without passwords, these are not known. 2. it is impossible to investigate the signal strength of the AP. Especially when we come to a new place, we want to find a free AP with relatively strong signal strength to realize Web access. If we use our own wireless management software, we always find it a little troublesome.

  Today I found a useful Wifi AP scanner on codeproject, called: Wifi scanner + custom MFC controls . It can scan the current wireless environment, find the surrounding AP access points, display their name, MAC address, signal strength (RSSI), Wifi channel, and whether a password is required. It is quite professional.

  Initially, the author ran the program on Pocket PC 2003se. After downloading the code, it was compiled and passed smoothly. I downloaded the program to HP rx3715 and it ran without problems. The running effect is shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: HP rx3715 runs Wifi Scanner

  But at present, many devices are operating system of window mobile 6.x, how to convert its target platform to window mobile 6. The specific method is as follows:

1. Click "Configuration Manger", as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: Configuration Manger

2. Select new in the Active solution platform, as shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3: Active solution platform

3. In the pop-up window, select new platform as windows mobile 6 professional sdk, as shown in Figure 4 below:

Figure 4: New platform

4. Build solution. You will find that the error message shown in Figure 5 below pops up:

Figure 5: Compile error message

5. In Project->Properties, select Command Line in Linker, and in Additional Option, change "machine:ARM" to "machine:THUBM". As shown in Figure 6 below:

Figure 6: Modify related configuration parameters

6. OK, Rebulid Solution, you can successfully compile and pass. Download it to Cingular8125 (which has been brushed with WM6.0 OS) and run it, the effect is shown in Figure 7 below:

Figure 7: Running effect on Cingular8125

  In the figure, you can find that there is an available AP with the name Dlink and 6 channels.

  For debugging, please attach the source code, PeekPocket_src.zip , the running environment is: Visual Studio 2005+windows mobile Pocket PC 2003 SDK. If you need to change to WM6.0 to run, you need to install windows mobile 6 professional sdk.

  At the request of friends in the garden, add the compiled executable files: PeekPocket.rar (Pocket PC 2003se), PeekPocket_WM6.rar (WM6.0), decompress and run.

Good Luck!

Reference: https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1018252 Wireless network access point scanning on Windows Mobile-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud