New Capabilities|Cloud Development VS Code Plugin CloudBase Toolkit is officially released

New Capabilities|Cloud Development VS Code Plugin CloudBase Toolkit is officially released

What is CloudBase Toolkit?

Tencent CloudBase Toolkit is a cloud-developed VS Code (Visual Studio Code) plug-in. This plug-in allows you to better develop and debug cloud development projects locally, and easily deploy projects to the cloud.

Cloudbase Toolkit integrates project creation, function upload, function update, function local debugging and other functions in the local debugging environment of VS Code. Developers can complete cloud function update, upload, synchronization and other functions with a simple click.

Compared with CloudBase Cli, CloudBase Toolkit can complete various function operations in VS Code, complete project development and help developers complete work tasks without affecting the developer's development process or interrupting the developer's development rhythm.

Application scenarios

CloudBase Toolkit can realize the creation of cloud development projects, the deployment of cloud functions and static hosting files in VS Code, which is convenient for developers to quickly complete project development and improve work efficiency.

With the CloudBase Toolkit plug-in, you can:

  • Quickly create cloud development projects locally
  • Quickly create cloud functions from multiple templates
  • Synchronize the cloud function list in the cloud, and download the function code to the local
  • Deploy cloud functions to the cloud, and perform cloud installation dependencies
  • Manage cloud functions, such as deleting cloud functions and viewing cloud function details
  • Incremental update of cloud function files
  • Delete cloud function files in the cloud
  • Deploy static hosted files to the cloud

Please check the second tweet about the application of plug-ins for cloud function debugging .

How to use CloudBase Toolkit?

CloudBase Toolkit has been released to the VS Code official plug-in market. You can directly search for Tencent CloudBase Toolkit in VS Code to install it, or visit the official market page of VS Code to install and use it.

Quick start

Step1 installation

  • Run VS Code IDE and open the plug-in market
  • Enter in the search box: click the Tencent CloudBase Toolkit plug-in in the list below the search box to view details and select [install].

Step2 Create environment

If you have already activated the cloud development service and created the relevant environment, you can skip this step.

  • Log in to Tencent Cloud official account

Open the Tencent Cloud official website, register a Tencent Cloud account, and then log in to the account. If you have an account, you can log in to the creation environment directly.

  • Open cloud development

Go to the cloud development homepage and grant relevant permissions to enable use.

  • Create the environment

Click New Environment , enter the environment name, select the pay-per-use mode, click Immediately activate, and wait for the service activation to complete and proceed with the following operations.

Step3 configuration

Click the icon in the left navigation bar to open the installed Tencent CloudBase Toolkit plug-in:

Click to Login:

CloudBase Toolkit provides two login methods. You can log in through Tencent Cloud-Cloud Development Console, or you can log in with Tencent Cloud access key.

After the login is successful, there will be a "login successful" prompt at the bottom right of the VS Code window. At the same time, if the cloudbaserc configuration file is not detected under the current project, CloudBase Toolkit will prompt you to create a cloud development project or create a configuration file.

Creating a cloud development project will pull the cloud module to create a brand new project, and creating a configuration file will only generate the cloudbaserc configuration file in the current directory.

Then, you can use CloudBase Toolkit to create the project:

More documentation:

[1] CloudBase Toolkit official document link:

[2] CloudBase Toolkit local debugging function documentation:

[3] VS Code official market link:

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