How to embed fonts when converting Word to PDF

How to embed fonts when converting Word to PDF

In many cases, the PDF version is required when uploading the Camera Ready version of the paper. The following article is reproduced from .

I encountered a minor problem when I submitted a paper to an IEEE conference today. When I checked the format (PDF Test) on the designated paper submission website, I always indicated the error in the font embedding. At the beginning, I have been puzzled. Arial and TimesNewRoman are our commonly used computer font formats. Why can't they pass the inspection? After looking at the official FAQ, I finally found a solution.

When we use Adobe Professional to convert or print Word documents to PDF format, in the'standard' settings file (.joboptions suffix, which can be opened with Adobe Distiller), the item related to'font' is the Arial Common fonts such as TimesNewRoman and TimesNewRoman are included in the "Never Embed" list, so that common fonts cannot be embedded in pdf when doc is converted to pdf, and IEEE requires that all fonts in pdf files must be embedded (or belong to the Base 14 category) ), so it cannot pass the format review.

The solution is:

  • 1. Generally, IEEE conference/journal submission websites will provide special PDF configuration files suitable for IEEE format requirements. Follow the prompts to find the download address, download the compressed package containing the IEEE_PDF_For_Acrobat6/7/8.joboptions file, unzip and save it to Adobe "...Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 8.0/Acrobat/Settings" in the root directory of the installation;
  • 2. Click Adobe PDF in the Word menu bar - "Change Conversion Settings", select "IEEE_PDF_For_Acrobat6/7/8.joboptions" in the "Conversion Settings" drop-down menu, and then confirm;
  • 3. Now you can convert (it seems that using the "File"-"Print"-"Adobe PDF Printer" method to generate PDF cannot solve the problem, it is best to use the conversion method to generate): Click Adobe in the Word menu bar PDF --'Convert to Adobe PDF'

At this point, the font format problem of the PDF file is solved.

In addition, it is not necessary to download this configuration file, open the original "standard" configuration file with Distiller, and delete all font types in the "Never Embed" list in the "Font" option. But this is not recommended.

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Some screenshots are given below:

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