Open source dry goods! .NET Core + Vue.js Universal Dynamic Permission (RBAC) Management System Framework [DncZeus] is open source!

Open source dry goods! .NET Core + Vue.js Universal Dynamic Permission (RBAC) Management System Framework [DncZeus] is open source!



About DncZeus

DncZeus = Dnc + Zeus

"Dnc"-the abbreviation of .Net Core;

"Zeus"-Chinese translated as Zeus , is the king of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, the head of the twelve main gods of Olympus, the supreme main god who rules all things in the universe (the main god in ancient Greek mythology refers specifically to Zeus) People often call him "the father of the gods and mankind" and "the king of gods", and he is the greatest god among the gods in Greek mythology.

The vision of DncZeus is to be a simple and exquisite basic framework of the universal background authority management template system in the .NET Core field, and strive to be in line with the "Zeus" in the .NET Core field.

Project Description

DncZeus is a general background management system framework based on ASP.NET Core 2 + Vue.js that separates the front and back ends. The backend is built using .NET Core 2 + Entity Framework Core, and the UI is the currently popular iView based on Vue.js. The project implements dynamic authority management and control of the front and back ends and a JWT-based user token authentication mechanism to make the interaction between the front and back ends smoother.

DncZeus is not a complete business system, but it provides most of the development scenarios for completing the business system, so that every .NET developer can quickly develop a .NET Core single page with excellent interaction, experience and functions based on DncZeus Application (SPA).

Support DncZeus (seeking Start:))

If you think DncZeus is useful to you or others, please give DncZeus a thumbs up, ask for diffusion, and let more people get help! ! !

Online experience (Demo)

Super administrator: administrator

Administrator: admin

Password: 111111


Because it is a personal project, the funds are limited, and the experience service is low-end, please cherish it, poking it lightly, I am very grateful! ! !

Suitable for the crowd

Since DncZeus considers that even junior .NET developers can use it, the back-end project does not involve too much architecture and packaging (the code logic is clear at a glance), but in order for you to be better familiar with and use DncZeus, you need to know:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • Vue.js
  • iView

Knowledge of ASP.NET Core can ensure that you can understand and understand how the back-end is implemented and working, and the Vue.js framework is the cornerstone of the front-end implementation. Of course, iView, a UI framework based on Vue.js, must also be understood. , Because DncZeus is based on iview-admin (a background management system sample project of iView) to realize the front-end UI interaction.

If you are not familiar with these two aspects of knowledge, I suggest that you can learn some theories before using DncZeus. For getting started with ASP.NET Core and Vue.js, please refer to:

  • ASP.NET Core official documentation
  • Vue.js official documentation

Environment and tools

  1. Node.js (install the npm front-end package management tool at the same time)
  2. Visual Studio 2017 (15.8.8 or above)
  3. VS Code or other front-end development tools
  4. git management tool
  5. SQL Server CE or SQL Server Express or SQL Server 2014 +

Technical realization

  • ASP.NET Core 2 (.NET Core 2.1.502)
  • ASP.NET WebApi Core
  • JWT token authentication
  • AutoMapper
  • Entity Framework Core 2.0
  • .NET Core dependency injection
  • Swagger UI
  • Vue.js (ES6 syntax)
  • iView (UI framework based on Vue.js)

Download project

Download using Git tool

First of all, please make sure that your local development environment has installed the git management tool, then open the git command line tool Git Bash Here in the directory where you need to store this project , and enter the following command in the command line:

git clone

The above command will pull the remote code of DncZeus to your local development machine.

Manual download

If you are unwilling to use the git management tool to download the remote code of DncZeus, you can also manually download it at the github hosting address, open the address, and find the button "Clone or download" on the page, as follows Icon:


Click the button "Download ZIP" in the pop-up dialog box to start downloading the source code of DncZeus, as shown below:


Installation dependencies

Front-end project

After downloading the source code of DncZeus to the local, if you use the git management tool, you do not need to exit the current git management tool, enter the following command:

cd DncZeus/DncZeus.App

Enter the DncZeus front-end project directory DncZeus.App. Enter the following command in the command line to restore the front-end dependency package:

npm install


npm i

Backend project

Open the solution DncZeus.sln in Visual Studio. First modify appsettings.jsonthe database connection string in the configuration file according to your own development environment (SQL Server database type, this example defaults to SQL Server Localdb) . The default connection string for the example is:

"ConnectionStrings": {
    "DefaultConnection": "Server=(localdb)\\mssqllocaldb;Database=DncZeus;Trusted_Connection=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=true"

Then open the Package Manager Console and execute the following commands to generate the database table structure:

Update-Database -verbose

Finally, open the script folder Scripts in the project root directory and execute the script file Init_data.sql to initialize the system data.

Congratulations, all the preparations are completed here.

Hurry up and experience the DncZeus framework! ! !


  1. Use Visual Studio development tools to open the VS solution file DncZeus.sln in the root directory of DncZeus, set the DncZeus.Api project as the default startup item and run this project.

At this time, open the address in the browser: http://localhost:54321/swagger, you can view the back-end API interface service that DncZeus has implemented.

  1. Enter the DncZeus front-end project directory DncZeus.App in the command line, and run the following command to start the front-end project service:
npm run dev

After successful operation, it will automatically open the address in the browser: http://localhost:9000

Use and authorization

The DncZeus project is an open source project. You can directly expand or re-develop based on this project, or modify the code in it.

But please keep the copyright information in the original file and respect your own labor achievements. Offenders must be investigated. Thank you for your cooperation .

Questions and feedback

What should I do if I encounter a problem?

  • Submit an issue directly
  • QQ group: 483350228
  • Codeyou









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