Windows Mobile emulator and PC synchronization problem

Windows Mobile emulator and PC synchronization problem

1. Source of the problem

    Microsoft Chinese Technical Forum: The emulator cannot connect to the PC, what's the problem?

2. Background

    For Windows Mobile novices, they often encounter many problems, including the use of emulators. When debugging the application, we have the need to synchronize the simulator with the PC, such as the interaction of contacts, emails, calendars and other information. So, how do we correctly synchronize the emulator with the PC? Let's take XP and ActiveSync4.5 as examples to illustrate.

3. Settings in ActiveSync4.5

    Right-click the ActiveSync icon in the taskbar, select "connection settings" in the pop-up options, and select "DMA" in "Allow connections to one of the following:", as shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1: Settings in ActiveSync4.5

4. Settings in Device Emulator Manager

    Click Visual Studio-"Tools-"Device Emulator Manager. Right-click the opened target emulator, and then click Cardle. As shown in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2: Settings in Device Emulator Manager

    After performing the above two steps, the simulator can be synchronized with the PC. However, in some cases, the synchronization still cannot be performed normally because of the firewall. This is not only a Windows Mobile device, but the connection establishment between PB and Windows Embedded devices also has this problem. In the XP system, we can view the Windows Security Center, click on the Windows firewall, and we need to make "exceptions" for the programs related to ActiveSync, as shown in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3: Settings in Windows Firewall

5. There is no "DMA" problem in ActiveSync setting options

    Regarding this issue, thanks to Embeddedboy for sharing, you can refer to his BLog: ActiveSync4.5 does not have a DMA connection port solution 

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