2012 GCR MVP Openday Notes

2012 GCR MVP Openday Notes

    Following the Days of the Red Mansion in Shanghai in 2010 and the Jade Palace in Beijing in 2011, this is my third time to participate in the MVP Openday in Greater China. This time I will be at the Lido Hotel in Beijing.

    I arrived at Beijing Capital Airport at 7pm on November 1st and took a taxi to the hotel very quickly, which only took half an hour. After that, check in and check into the hotel. In the evening, we gathered nearly 20 MVPs to chat together and introduce each other, most of which are MVP families who joined because of common technical hobbies. Some MVPs have started their own businesses and shared their entrepreneurial experience with everyone.

    On the morning of November 2, the event began. Compared with the enthusiastic African dance of the previous two years, this year's opening was slightly monotonous. 3.Microsoft executives introduced us to the goals for this fiscal year. After that was the awarding session. Because of my contribution to the MSDN Chinese Technology Forum, I was awarded the Forum Contribution Award and the Original EKB Article Award. Kathleen Hung presented us with the award.

In the afternoon on the 2nd, each of the sub-venues started the session of IT Pro and Develop. I focused on courses in the three directions of win8 development, WinPhone8 development and Office2013.

The night on the 2nd is the highest part of the whole event, the MVP dinner. The MVPs have put out their housekeeping skills and each showed their magical powers.

The morning of the 3rd was a training for personal influence enhancement. The trainer Chu brought us a very exciting and constructive training class. MVP Lead Sysley also participated in the discussion of our group, very happy.

After the training was completed, this year's Openday also ended. The conference team sent some MVPs to the airport. Below is a group photo of our MVPs at the airport.

The following is a group photo of our event. People are prosperous.

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