The registration for the 2020 Mini Program Cloud Development Challenge is open, and you will get massive awards!

The registration for the 2020 Mini Program Cloud Development Challenge is open, and you will get massive awards!

Create high-quality applications with extreme speed! The 2020 Mini Program Cloud Development Challenge jointly organized by WeChat Mini Program and Tencent Cloud Cloud Development is finally here!

This competition is based on the WeChat Mini Program/Official Account Platform's Cloud Development Solution Programming Competition, which aims to improve the WeChat Mini Program/Official Account's solution construction capabilities and programming development capabilities for practical scenarios through competition, especially after the use of cloud development The end cloud service is capable of productized application. The competition information is as follows:

1. Participants

This competition is divided into a campus circuit and a professional circuit . The campus circuit is for students of colleges and universities in China (including undergraduates, graduate students, vocational colleges, etc.); the professional circuit is for all professionals in China ( Including freelancers).

Specific entry requirements are as follows (see the official website of the event for details):

1. You can participate in single or multiple teams. Each team has a maximum of 2 people, and each team can only participate in one team . The campus track allows cross-grade, cross-professional, and cross-school teams.

2. Participants of the campus track must have school status. The organizing committee of the competition shall refer to the online verification report of the student status of the Ministry of Education of Students who have graduated should choose the professional track to register for the competition. Proof of admission notice shall prevail).

2. contest question setting

Use cloud development to build WeChat applets or official account H5 applications with application scenarios and functions. The works must comprehensively use cloud functions, cloud databases, cloud calls, and static resource hosting capabilities developed by the cloud. The competition works allow cloud development + server mixing Development, but the back-end core services need to be built based on cloud development.

The two tracks of the competition have the same questions, and the scoring rules and weights are slightly different. For specific rules, please refer to the official website of the event.

3. Registration channel

Participating teams can register their personal information and register for the competition through the official page of the event. The competition does not charge any registration fees.

Registration link (deadline at 21:00 on September 15, 2020):

Participant exchange group:

You will be eligible to join the group within 24 hours after successful registration, and you can enter by scanning the code on WeChat. If you are prompted that you cannot join, please confirm that you have successfully registered and wait patiently for one working day to ensure that the review is passed.

4. the game system description

The competition is divided into 5 stages: registration & team formation, submission of works, preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals:

1. Registration & team formation (August 6th 10:00-September 15th 21:00)

2. Submit works (August 6th 10:00-September 20th 20:00)

3. Preliminary (12:00 September 21st-24:00 September 25th)

4. Semi-finals (October 19)

5. Final (end of October)

5. Event prizes

This competition has prepared generous prizes for developers: all teams that sign up for the competition and submit valid works will receive the "commemorative award." 1-3 winners from each track will be awarded the "Winning Award". In addition, some outstanding works were selected by the expert committee of the competition, and the "Excellent Works Award" was awarded. Those who perform well in the competition can get internship/school recruitment/social recruitment interview opportunities from companies such as Tencent. Some prizes of the competition are as follows (see the competition page for details):

Part of the prize

6. Related activities

During the registration period, the competition organizing committee will organize and hold competition presentation activities, including competition introduction, expert sharing, campus technology workshops , urban technology circles, etc., to help contestants in-depth understanding of the technical knowledge and development related to the competition in various forms experience. Please pay attention to the official channels of the competition (WeChat Developer Official Account, Tencent Cloud Development Official Account) notifications.

7. easter egg activities

Follow this official account, share the poster below to Moments, collect 50 likes, and send the screenshot to the background of the official account, you can draw the following rewards:

Tencent Cloud Backpack*1 

Year of the Rat limited edition doll*2 

Developer T-shirt*3

Deadline: August 12, 24:00

At that time, please pay attention to the background news of the official account in time, so as not to miss the winning information!

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