Small program cloud development has added support for permission setting capabilities

Small program cloud development has added support for permission setting capabilities

For the R&D team, the authority management of the server is very important, which can not only greatly improve team collaboration, but also effectively avoid the occurrence of man-made safety accidents such as "deleting libraries and running away".

Small program cloud development has now added the ability to support permission setting , which can meet the permission management needs of the R&D team for its members. Mini program administrators only need to configure in "Cloud Development Console-Settings-Permission Settings" (WeChat developer tools need to be updated), and team members can be assigned relevant cloud development resources to view and manage operation permissions without worry Potential risks caused by permissions issues.

If the applet administrator wants to appoint a developer with full authority to assign permissions, he can add up to 3 developers as cloud development administrators in the console. After that, the cloud development administrator can have complete permissions and the ability to configure permissions for other developers.

How to configure cloud development permissions for team members?

first step:

Mini program administrators need to bind team members as "developers" in the "member management" of the Mini Program management background (;

The second step:

Go to "Cloud Development Console-Settings-Permission Settings" to configure cloud development permissions. Among them, the applet administrator and the cloud development administrator both have full permissions for cloud development, and the cloud developer has designated permissions.

It should be noted that when the permissions are not set, the default project members who have the "developer" permission in the small program member management will have complete cloud development permissions. It is recommended that the administrator configure permissions according to the actual situation.

For more detailed configuration guidelines, please click "Read the original text" at the end of the article and refer to "WeChat Official Document-Cloud Development-Permission Settings".

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