Get the pictures in Markdown, once and for all!

Get the pictures in Markdown, once and for all!

  Friends who often use markdown to write blogs must have experienced the pain of markdown pictures. It is not that the citation method of pictures is not good, and what server should the pictures be placed on?

  Take me as an example, I wrote a markdown, I want to apply it to various platforms without modifying anything.

  When I first started using markdown, the pictures were all put on github, but the github space was limited, and the main problem was that domestic websites often had problems accessing github, which caused the pictures not to be displayed.

  Later, I thought of a way. Since I have been using Youdaoyun to write notes, I created a note named pic in the same directory of the Youdaoyun markdown file, and put all the pictures in the markdown into the pic. Then share the pic notes, and copy the address of the picture from the web page. I will also publish the markdown on csdn. At first, I thought this method was very good, because all the pictures published on csdn on my computer can be displayed. It wasn't until a friend told me that the article on csdn couldn't see the picture, and I realized that this method is not reliable.

  Later, I used the Qiniu Yuntu bed and many tutorials on the Internet, but I always felt a little troublesome to operate.

  Recently, I started to use csdn to write markdown notes directly, and the pictures were just pasted in. You don’t even need to keep the pictures locally. It will automatically generate a link to the picture. For many screenshot operations, it is too convenient (previously, the screenshot was saved locally, then uploaded to the server, and the image link was put in. Now, after the screenshot, copy the image and paste it in)

  But some friends reported that the pictures on csdn have watermarks, so it is not easy to directly port them to other platforms. This problem is also easy to solve, how to remove the watermark on csdn?

  We insert a picture:

Insert the picture description here. The picture link displayed in my local is like this:

Insert picture description here

  We only need to remove the ?back of the picture link ( ?also remove it together), then the watermark can be removed, and only keep it .png, as follows:

Insert picture description here

Reference: Get the pictures in Markdown, once and for all! -Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud