Musk Starlink Space Internet opens private test application!

Musk Starlink Space Internet opens private test application!

Some time ago, "Silicon Valley Iron Man" Elon Musk's Starlink plan was announced, shocking the entire network. Everyone is discussing what the plan can subvert? Will it overturn the long-awaited 5G?

On June 13 this year, SpaceX has just successfully launched the ninth batch of Starlink satellites, with 61 stars in one arrow . There are currently 538 satellites in the sky. The first few times were 60 stars with one arrow, and they all succeeded in one shot. As a person who used to work on satellites at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I admire SpaceX's technology very much.

SpaceX is expected to send 12,000 satellites to cover the world with a high-bandwidth network, so that no matter where there is no traditional ground base station such as desert, sea, or air, you can surf the Internet at will.

A few days ago, the private test of Starlink's space internet has started , and everyone can apply. Friends who are interested can try it.

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Login URL
  1. Fill in the email information and click SUBMIT at the back
  1. Will receive a reply soon

The reply email said: It is expected to start private beta testing later this summer, and start public beta testing from high latitudes. As long as you apply, you have the opportunity to participate in the beta version of the test.

4. If the application is received, how should I use it? Musk said: " It is the most important point that does not require people to come to install." We only need to prepare a circular receiving antenna with a diameter of 0.48 meters, the installation is two steps, erect the antenna, and then plug in the power supply.

Pay attention to the WeChat public account: Quant_Times, we will continue to pay attention to the development and testing of the Starlink satellite.

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