Just tomorrow! Official live broadcast of Mini Program Cloud Development

Just tomorrow! Official live broadcast of Mini Program Cloud Development

Mini Program Cloud Development Practical Live Class created by the official core R&D team and is divided into three phases. The content includes on-site programming to show common capabilities in the cloud development of small programs, such as cloud functions, cloud calls, cloud storage, and cloud development databases. The specific scenario introduces the application and practical experience content of the kbone applet multi-terminal framework, and provides opportunities to exchange questions and answer questions with R&D engineers to jointly build the applet development ecosystem.

First live broadcast time:

August 6 (this Thursday) at 20:00 in the evening

Live theme:

Use the cloud to develop, quickly make a small program

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Reference: https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1675424 tomorrow! Mini Program Cloud Development Official Live Class-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud