Free corporate training is in hot registration for November!

Free corporate training is in hot registration for November!

Want to learn about cloud development, but often miss offline activities?

It's ok!

Special online training for cloud development enterprises is waiting for you!

Don't miss it this time~

The official team is dedicated to build, combining theory and actual combat

4 hours to take you to understand cloud development

And related API, SDK and other dry goods knowledge

More enterprise-level application scenario analysis and best practices

Help companies go further on the road of reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Currently, registration for the November event is open

November 11-12, 8-10pm

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product description

Cloud Development (Tencent CloudBase, TCB) is a cloud-native integrated development environment and tool platform provided by Tencent Cloud. It provides developers with highly available, automatically and elastically scalable back-end cloud services, including serverless capabilities such as computing, storage, and hosting. , Can be used for cloud integration to develop a variety of end applications (small programs, official accounts, web applications, Flutter clients, etc.) to help developers build and manage back-end services and cloud resources in a unified manner, avoiding cumbersome servers in the application development process With construction and operation and maintenance, developers can focus on the realization of business logic, with lower development thresholds and higher efficiency.

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Product documentation: <>

Technical documentation: <>

Technical exchange plus Q group: 601134960

For the latest information, follow the WeChat public account [Tencent Cloud Development]

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