One-click deployment of Discuz! Q with cloud development, free use for 30 days

One-click deployment of Discuz! Q with cloud development, free use for 30 days

Cloud Development CloudBase is a cloud-native integrated development environment and tool platform provided by Tencent Cloud, which provides developers with highly available, automatic and elastic back-end cloud services.

Discuz! Q is a tool for carrying and operating private domain traffic. It can quickly generate a fan community in 5 minutes, help content creators to realize quickly, and meet users' cross-platform fan management needs.

Compared with traditional deployment methods, developing and deploying Discuz! Q with the cloud can save worry, money, faster and more convenient:

  • Saving money: billing according to the amount, no traffic can be reduced to 0
  • Worry-free: Serverless serverless, free of operation and maintenance
  • Faster: image attachments enjoy the accelerated distribution of CDN nodes nearby
  • Convenient: Bring your own third-level domain name for quick access

Now, the ability of cloud development and deployment of Discuz! Q is ushered in an upgrade: it is truly possible to deploy Discuz with the click of a button! Q , there is no need to build a server by yourself, no need to write a line of code, just wait 3-5 minutes to deploy the application, and it is more compatible with the PC and mobile versions of Discuz! Q !

Now deploy Discuz with cloud development! Q, there is a 30-day free usage quota to enjoy a low-cost cloud-native experience! Scan the code to experience immediately:

In addition to the 30-day free experience benefits, cloud development officially supports the filing service for ability updates for ! The filing itself does not charge any fees. You only need to purchase a cloud hosting resource package with a validity period of more than 90 days in the environment where cloud hosting has been activated, and at least one service runs in the VPC created by the system, and uses the "system created" micro NAT gateway can be filed through cloud hosting services.

Through this activity, you can purchase a discounted resource pack for cloud hosting with a validity period of 12 months for only 20 yuan, and you can file through the cloud hosting service without purchasing a server! For details, scan the QR code to view the filing documents:

Deployment process

1. Log in with Tencent Cloud account

2. Click the "0 yuan deployment" button on the page

3. After placing an order with a payment of 0 yuan in accordance with the process instructions, you will be eligible for a 30-day free experience. Free resources will be issued to your account in the form of resource packs and vouchers

4. Click "Enter Console" on the payment success page, and the system will automatically jump to the deployment page

5. After the deployment is completed in 3-5 minutes, you can get Discuz! Q community access link!

6. You're done!

Using the cloud to develop and deploy applications does not need to bear idle costs, and is billed according to the amount. Compared with the traditional development model, it is lighter and more cost-effective. It is more suitable for new businesses to quickly verify the business model at the start-up stage. And this time through the activity page welfare deployment Discuz! Q. Even after the 30-day free usage period expires, under the pay-as-you-go billing model, it is estimated that only RMB 2.1 per day will be spent (500 visitors per day and 125 pictures posted per day); Page purchase corresponding discount resource packs, which can further reduce costs.

Cloud development and Discuz! Q The launch of this free experience welfare activity is not only suitable for students who have zero programming foundation and want to build a community by themselves, but also further reduces operation and maintenance costs through the cloud-native capabilities developed by the cloud. Users do not need to care about server operation and maintenance and traffic. The problems encountered after the launch of Volatility, and it has a 30-day free trial quota, is it not fragrant? !

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