Cloud Development CloudBase CMS content management system is officially open source!

Cloud Development CloudBase CMS content management system is officially open source!

In enterprise or personal operation scenarios, it is often necessary to manage complex data, such as organization lists, blog posts, sales data, etc. The traditional model of using Excel for data management is cumbersome and inefficient, and data is easy to lose. In this context, content management systems (CMS) came into being, with professional solutions to provide strong technical support for the organization and management of data.

CloudBase CMS is a one-stop cloud content management system developed by the cloud to help enterprises in their data operation management. Developers can directly install CloudBase CMS in the cloud development and expansion capabilities with one click, use the CloudBase CMS system for free, and combine with the cloud-developed multi-end SDK to quickly create a simple and easy-to-use enterprise content management stream.

After the launch of the CloudBase CMS system , it has been welcomed by many cloud development users and satisfied many users’ needs for content management. However, as CloudBase CMS is a general content management system, it is currently still in the midst of meeting user-specific and customized needs. There are deficiencies.

Considering the needs of users for secondary development, personal customization, and accelerating the development of the CloudBase CMS system, we decided to open the CloudBase CMS system, hoping to contribute to the open source community, and jointly promote the progress of the CloudBase CMS system through open source collaboration. Enterprise users provide a more powerful and easy-to-use content operation management system.

Project GitHub address:

Welcome to order a Star for the project to help us do better.

We hope to build a powerful, easy-to-use, and extensible content operation management system based on the service capabilities developed by the cloud, eliminate repetitive tasks in the business operation process, and boost efficiency for the company.

Based on the platform capabilities of cloud development, the CloudBase CMS system currently has the following features:

  • Development-free: Generate content management interface based on background modeling configuration, no need to write code;
  • Rich functions: support the visual editing of multiple types of content such as text, rich text, pictures, files, etc., and support content association;
  • Access control system: access control based on two roles of administrator/operator;
  • External system integration: Support Webhook interface, which can be used to notify external systems after operating the modified content, such as automatically building static websites, sending notifications, etc.;
  • Data source compatibility: support the management of small programs/web/mobile cloud development data, support the management of existing data collections, and create new content and data collections in the CMS background;
  • Simple deployment: One-click deployment and upgrades can be extended on the management interface of the cloud development console.

We provide CloudBase CMS with a quick deployment script based on CloudBase Framework . You can quickly deploy CloudBase CMS to your cloud development environment through the following process.


  • Install the latest version of CloudBase CLI (0.9.1+) npm install -g @cloudbase/cli
  • Open a pay-as-you-go environment or use an existing pay-as-you-go environment
  • Open a custom login and copy the custom login key:
  • Make a copy .env.exampleand save as.env.local

Fill in the configuration

# Fill in the environment ID
# Fill in the custom login key information that depends on the second step above
# The length of the account name must be greater than 4 digits
# Administrator account password, the password only supports uppercase and lowercase letters
# Operation account password, the password only supports uppercase and lowercase letters
# Deploy static website path

Build and deploy

Log in to CLI:

tcb login

Initialization, installation dependencies:

npm run setup


npm run deploy

Open source contribution

We very much welcome all developers to contribute to CloudBase CMS, so that this project can better help companies improve efficiency.

Github address:

You can participate in the contribution by including but not limited to the following methods:

  • Submit patches, optimizations, feature codes
  • Write and improve project documentation
  • Report unresolved errors
  • Actively participate in the discussion of Issue, such as answering questions and providing ideas


We are planning to upgrade the V2.0 version and plan to solve some of the known problems and optimize the performance of the UI interface. Welcome to participate in the project or put forward your ideas in the comment area below.

Author: No Yang also, Tencent and so the development team front-end development engineer.

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