[Required] Carefully organized! Summary of small program development resources (with source code)

[Required] Carefully organized! Summary of small program development resources (with source code)

Many friends want to learn Mini Programs during the Spring Festival holiday, but the resources and tutorials for Mini Program learning may not be easy to find. So the little assistant carefully sorted out an issue, and it was all dry goods! Learn carefully, start a wonderful journey of small program development, and make a WeChat small program of your own. Friends in need will collect this article~

This article organizes WeChat applet development resources, including official documents, cloud development training camp documents, video tutorials, and actual source code recommendations.

▌Official documents

▌Cloud development bootcamp documentation (three parts)

▌Video tutorial

▌Practical source code

  • Technology Blog Mini Program Including article publishing and browsing, comments, likes, browsing history, classification, ranking, sharing, poster generation, etc.
  • Netdisk Mini Program Exclusive Netdisk Mini Program with both file storage and sharing functions.
  • The Educational Assistant Mini Program is ready to go after use, check grades and timetables, without downloading the app or viewing the historical content in the official account.
  • Functional calendar applet You can view calendars and note items. See how cloud development supports the rapid development of functional calendar applets.
  • Customer business requirement collection small program Use cloud development to quickly create customer business requirement collection small program, teach you to use cloud development to realize the release and display of the small program version of "Circle of Friends".
  • Mini Program Moments How many steps does it take to install Moments into the Mini Program? With the help of cloud development, the release and display of small programs in Moments can be realized.
  • Nanyuan Tour Guide is a small program independently developed by students that uses a map as a carrier to provide location information, navigation, campus history and cultural introduction of the specific location of the Southern College of Sun Yat-sen University.
  • Interactive check-in applet Use cloud development to easily build a beautiful interactive check-in applet, interactive double check-in, double the happiness.
  • Personalized avatar applet Don’t @官方 anymore! Cloud development teaches you to easily make personalized avatar applets, fun pendants, and personalized icons.
  • Second-hand book mall small program Cloud development can easily create a second-hand book trading mall small program, allowing wisdom to continue and warmth to pass.
  • Batch export of background data How to export data in cloud database to excel in batch during the development of applet.
  • Sending e-mails Gospel for beginners, hand-in-hand to teach you how to use small program cloud development to realize the mail sending function.
  • Small program for college entrance examination scores to easily check college entrance examination scores, small program source code.
  • Mini Forum It only takes two days to easily build a mini forum program.
  • Sports circle applet Create a sports circle applet (taking table tennis as an example) to realize efficient interaction between golfers.
  • Mood Diary Mini Program The most romantic thing I can think of is "I know all about your thoughts".
  • The most beautiful love applet The front end of the applet is written in the taro framework, and the background is developed in the cloud. Teach you to use cloud development to make a small journey for your loved one.
  • Campus Appointment Mini Program In the campus scenario, the applet and cloud development show their talents, and the source code of the campus Appointment Mini Program.
  • Weight Recording Mini Program Just want to record your daily weight and you have to download an APP, so you don’t have to be so troublesome! Use the cloud to develop an exclusive weight recording applet to see how much you lose every day.
  • Pocket tools Today in the history of pocket tools. A small program based on cloud development, look at what happened today in history.
  • Mini Weibo Independently make a streamlined version of Weibo for you to use? Moreover, it also has the functions of search, like and homepage
  • Multimedia applets Use applets·cloud development to build multimedia applets.

▌Technical Exchange Group

Communication technology is mainly used. You can communicate in the group if you encounter problems in the development and study work. Friends in need are welcome to join the group.

Add the assistant WeChat (Tcloudedu1) and reply to "Technology Group" to join the cloud development technology group.


If you have technical stories/technical combat experience related to the development of using Tencent Cloud Cloud and want to share with you, please leave a message to contact us~

Pay attention to Tencent Cloud Cloud Development, and reply [ source code  ] in the background to  get more WeChat applet cloud development actual source code.

Cloud Development (CloudBase) is a cloud-integrated product solution. It adopts a serverless architecture, avoids operation and maintenance such as environment construction, supports one cloud and multiple terminals, and helps to quickly build small programs, web applications, and mobile applications.

Technical documentation: https://www.cloudbase.net/

WeChat search: Tencent cloud development, get the latest progress of the project

Reference: https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1607522 [Required] Carefully organized! Summary of Mini Program Development Resources (with source code)-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud