Just now, Mini Program Cloud Development won another award!

Just now, Mini Program Cloud Development won another award!

300+ participating projects, 100+ shortlisted projects, 10000+ developers openly voted, 20+ expert reviews, 10+ editor-in-chief scoring, after several months of polishing, on November 19, InfoQ initiated and organized the "2020 China Technical Power Annual The results of "List Selection" were officially announced, including:

Mini Program Cloud Development Successfully Reaped

Top ten cloud-native innovative technology solutions in 2020  ?

The applet·cloud development solution is jointly produced by Tencent Cloud and WeChat. It aims to provide enterprises and developers with a one-stop back-end cloud service. Through complete native cloud support and WeChat service support, there is no need to manage the infrastructure. After weakening End-to-end and operation and maintenance concepts, no need to build a server, use the API provided by the platform for core business development, you can achieve rapid online and iteration, and this ability is compatible with the cloud services that developers have used, and is not mutually exclusive.

In the future, cloud development will continue to provide one-stop cloud-native services to help more enterprises and developers reduce costs and increase efficiency, and deploy online applications quickly and safely.

"2020 China Technical Power Annual List Selection" is a list activity launched by InfoQ, adhering to the core value of "providing trustworthy content", strictly controlling the process and establishing unified standards for this solicitation and selection, with the help of a large-scale expert team , The editorial team and the developer community conduct multi-dimensional evaluations on participating projects, so that the entire process is fully open and accepts the supervision of all users. In order to eliminate the uncertain factors in the scoring process, the scoring process involves the participation of expert groups, TGO members, users, and InfoQ editor-in-chief, and assigns corresponding weight coefficients to each scoring group, striving to combine multiple perspectives and ensure fairness and justice in the scoring process.

? Welfare egg

In order to give back to the small partners who have always supported cloud development, cloud development has specially presented Tencent Cloud's 10th anniversary limited edition red envelope cover ? Get it for free, and use it for the New Year~!

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Come and be happy together!

product description

Cloud Development (Tencent CloudBase, TCB) is a cloud-native integrated development environment and tool platform provided by Tencent Cloud. It provides developers with highly available, automatically and elastically scalable back-end cloud services, including serverless capabilities such as computing, storage, and hosting. , Can be used for cloud integration to develop a variety of end applications (small programs, official accounts, web applications, Flutter clients, etc.) to help developers build and manage back-end services and cloud resources in a unified manner, avoiding cumbersome servers in the application development process With construction and operation and maintenance, developers can focus on the realization of business logic, with lower development thresholds and higher efficiency.

Open cloud development: <https://console.cloud.tencent.com/tcb?tdl_anchor=techsite>

Product documentation: <https://cloud.tencent.com/product/tcb?from=12763>

Technical documentation: <https://cloudbase.net?from=10004>

Technical exchange plus Q group: 601134960

For the latest information, follow the WeChat public account [Tencent Cloud Development]

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