A large number of prizes are blessed, and the "Fun with Tencent Cloud" video call for contributions is launched

A large number of prizes are blessed, and the "Fun with Tencent Cloud" video call for contributions is launched

Do you want to record the dots in the process of technical learning? Do you want to share your experience and teach you how to fish as a lecturer? Do you also want to make a technical video to please yourself? Now, the opportunity that belongs to you is here. The "Fun to Tencent Cloud" video solicitation event jointly organized by Cloud + Community and Cloud Base and other products developed by the cloud is coming! Massive prizes and traffic support will help your technical masterpiece create more repercussions.

Cloud development CloudBase special plus code

  • The top 100 in total scores of CloudBase related videos of cloud development will receive an additional WeChat reading wireless card (7 days);
  • The author of the cloud development CloudBase related video will receive an additional 100 yuan voucher for cloud development without threshold.

Contribution requirements

This video solicitation activity puts forward the following requirements for the video type and entry method cloud + community:

The video content is related to Tencent Cloud products. The topic selection directions include product learning roads, product usage strategies, development case sharing, cloud technology practice, cloud development project sharing, etc. You can go to the "Free Product Zone" to experience Tencent Cloud products.

The video should be the author's original, the cloud + community is the first release, it is not allowed to carry other people's videos, it needs to be manually released from the community. Once infringement is discovered, the qualification to participate in the event will be cancelled. The event will eliminate serious irrigation behaviors, and the qualification will be disqualified once discovered.

The video must be a newly posted video, that is, released after March 19, 2021 (inclusive).

The activity strictly prohibits any watering and infringement, plagiarism and the release of advertising and marketing soft videos are strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the qualification will be immediately disqualified.

*Detailed rules can be viewed at the end of the article to read the original text

Reference video:

Practice of Flutter's end-cloud integration based on Cloudbase: cloud.tencent.com/developer/video/12837?from=10680

Reference: https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1804940 massive prize blessing, "Playing with Tencent Cloud" video solicitation activity opened-Cloud + Community-Tencent Cloud