2020 Cloud Development Campus Executive Officer Recruitment Open

2020 Cloud Development Campus Executive Officer Recruitment Open

There are easter eggs at the end of the article!

In the hot summer, do you still remember the enthusiasm of chatting with those like-minded friends about technology;

In the evening breeze, do you still miss the joy when you quickly started to develop your own small program;

In the long night, are you still worried about the tacit understanding of competing with the small program developers of various schools?

When the cicadas cried, did you think of the throbbing when you met the executive officer of the Cloud Development Campus?

(Will the copywriting be so sensational?)

In the very difficult 2020, many people have been postponed to start school, postponed exams, and even missed the graduation ceremony...

And as long as you sign up now, you will at least not miss the 2020 Cloud Development Campus Technology Workshop!

This workshop activity will be upgraded to online , with richer course content and more dry goods!

The soul of activities - campus executive tasks also lighter, more abundant reward!

Spoiler alert: The theme of this issue (August-September) is Mini Program Cloud Development "Creation Camp 101"-through zero-based training camps, live coaching by goose factory masters, and hands-on participation in actual combat drills , students quickly create your own Own mini program, participate in mini program "competition", C-bit debut! More ways to play, stay tuned!


After a year, I still have to introduce myself again:

The Cloud Development Campus Technology Workshop is a public welfare technology exchange activity for college students. Through the high-quality teaching resources and perfect training mechanism provided by Tencent, combined with the open technology workshop format, it aims to let more students experience the fun and play Creativity and realization of value help students quickly master cloud development and mini program development skills , and improve event planning and operation capabilities. Up to now, the Cloud Development Campus Technology Workshop has been held for three seasons. A total of 2000+ students from more than 70 colleges and universities have participated in the study and produced many excellent mini-program practical works.

Wonderful moments of past events

The campus executive is the main person in charge of the cloud development campus technology workshop. In the new season, the cloud development campus technology workshop will adopt an online model to continue to provide college students with richer teaching content, learning rewards and better activity experience, participate in workshop activities and produce works, and have the opportunity to directly connect to the development of mini program cloud The college track of the National Challenger competes with many outstanding campus developers and wins massive rewards.

As a campus executive, we want you to:

1) Full-time college students, not limited to colleges, majors, and grades (each college is limited to one team, and may be combined as appropriate);

2) Apply in the form of an individual or a team, and the team has a small program development experience or development basis for students who are preferred;

3) Strong organization and coordination ability, able to assist the official to complete the convening and teaching work of the school's students on a regular basis;

4) Love to communicate, be willing to communicate, experience in organizing clubs and associations is preferred;

5) Teachers of our school can be invited to give guidance (not required). The works of students recommended by teachers to the Mini Program Cloud Development Challenge will be awarded, and teachers will receive additional awards such as certificates.

The 2020 campus workshop activities are upgraded to an online mode, and the tasks of the executive team are lighter and rewards are richer!

1) Assemble students from our school to enter the officially established [Cloud Development CloudBase] technical exchange community, and be responsible for managing each school community, synchronizing official teaching, activities and arrangements;

2) Serving as a learning committee member, organizing the school’s developers to study designated materials and participating in the official online practical teaching class, guiding and organizing students to complete practical tasks in time;

3) Encourage students to create and recommend excellent mini-program works to stand on a larger stage;

4) Provide timely feedback on the problems and difficulties encountered by the students during the activity.

Rewards in this period include but are not limited to:

  • Social Practice Certificate;
  • Exclusive communication channel for technical experts of goose factory;
  • Core members of campus executive officers can get a commemorative gift package for the promotion of the competition;
  • According to the number of recommended entries (at least 5 works are recommended), different rewards will be given: Number Top 1: Cherry Keyboard MX; Number Top 2: Harman Kardon Audio; Number Top 3: Kindle.
  • The works recommended to the Mini Program Cloud Development Challenge are awarded, and the campus executive team can receive additional physical rewards;
  • Outstanding performers have the opportunity to participate in activities such as visits to Tencent;
  • Outstanding performers will give priority to recommending Tencent and its investment companies for internship opportunities;
  • Harvest friendships and meet friends with the same interests.

How about it, such a meaningful activity with massive prizes, are you already eager to try it?

Please reply [Campus] in the background of the official account to get the registration link and consultation channel, we will see you there!

Deadline for registration: August 15

other instructions:

Official support

  • Official teaching materials and source code;
  • Event promotional materials, including Moments posters, QR codes for event groups, etc.;
  • Event material package;
  • Event organization and operation consulting;
  • Technical Q&A;
  • Propaganda through official channels.

Activity process (the specific time may be adjusted according to the situation of the students)

Campus Executive Recruitment

Campus Executive Certification

Campus technical workshop promotion and student assembly (before 8.20)

Course learning and practical tasks (8.21-8.31)

Big coffee live

Mini program development and recommendation (before 9.20)

Prize distribution

In the last campus workshop activity, our actual combat theme was to teach you how to quickly develop an online mini program. Let's guess that the theme of this actual combat is the XX mini program?

Prompt word: joy, anger, sorrow, joy, all can tell

The first friend who guesses the answer accurately will get a small gift! If no one answers correctly, one of the commenters will be randomly selected and sent. The deadline is August 9.

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