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3, 2, 11, 29, +∞...

In 2020, the Mini Program will be 3 years old. Since its official release, every time the Mini Program advances, the pace has remained steady. These advancements have benefited from more and more developers who have sowed creativity, sweated, and reaped growth in the fertile soil of the mini-program ecology. As a "new" and "native" production tool in this fertile soil, "Small Program Cloud Development" helps many developers to focus more on the business logic itself by providing complete native cloud capabilities and WeChat service support to quickly launch their own Mini program to achieve the goal.

The last "Mini Program Cloud Development" Technology Summit mentioned: From the official launch in September 2018 to the end of 2019, a total of more than 230,000 small program accounts have opened cloud development capabilities, and more than 500,000 small program developers use cloud development. 23% of active mini-program developers are using cloud development. It can be said that to a certain extent, these small program developers have "run ahead."

If you also want to take advantage of the "small program·cloud development" to speed up and take the lead, then this year's small program·cloud development technology summit must be worthy of your attention. Looking back at the last Mini Program Cloud Development Technology Summit, experts from Tencent and other companies explained that "Mini Program Cloud Development" is more than a fast development experience in multiple dimensions such as system architecture, product features, and practical cases. The audience was impressed.

At the same time, the summit also proposed the future development vision of "Small Program Cloud Development": from basic capabilities to enterprise environment, helping more companies and developers to use cloud development capabilities in services with confidence. At the same time, the back-end service platform is integrated to form a set of service standards, and relevant capabilities can be easily searched and invoked on the WeChat service platform.

How have these goals been achieved after a year? Are there any new breakthroughs in the development of small programs and cloud? What happened to those developers who were "running ahead"?

The most concerned questions of these developers can be found in this Mini Program·Cloud Development Technology Summit. The theme of this summit is " Redefining Development (+∞) ". The relevant person in charge of Tencent Cloud and WeChat will take you to analyze the basic capabilities, delivery capabilities, innovation results, application practices and other aspects of "Mini Program Cloud Development" in an all-round way. The exploration and progress of, as well as the release of major capabilities and the launch of standards, help developers gain insights into industry trends and create more possibilities in the WeChat ecosystem.

This Sunday, November 29th , we will meet in Beijing. We invite you to witness the growth of "Mini Program·Cloud Development" in the past year, and feel the joy of "Mini Program·Cloud Development" to developers, and be the first to see The future of this new development model.

Dear developers, are you ready?

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Cloud Development (Tencent CloudBase, TCB) is a cloud-native integrated development environment and tool platform provided by Tencent Cloud. It provides developers with highly available, automatically and elastically scalable back-end cloud services, including serverless capabilities such as computing, storage, and hosting. , Can be used for cloud integration to develop a variety of end applications (small programs, official accounts, web applications, Flutter clients, etc.) to help developers build and manage back-end services and cloud resources in a unified manner, avoiding cumbersome servers in the application development process With construction and operation and maintenance, developers can focus on the realization of business logic, with lower development thresholds and higher efficiency.

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