This dad specially made a small program to help the baby clear Cambridge PET

This dad specially made a small program to help the baby clear Cambridge PET

▌About the author

I am Dad Han from Guangzhou, Guangdong. I was also an anxious Xiaoshengchu parent.

▌The origin of the project

Mi also recites the vocabulary system, which is actually used for my children to recite vocabulary. The children are preparing for the Cambridge PET English exam, but there was no vocabulary memorizing software specifically for this exam at the time. It was troublesome to use the APP. The WeChat applet is a lightweight application, and it provides a convenient development platform and a dedicated cloud space. Store data.

I began to write general PET vocabulary slowly, and gradually began to compile a series of Miyou. For different forms of examinations, PET is for Miyou to find words, KET for Miyou to find words, and for high school entrance examination vocabulary is Miyouzhong, and Miyou dream word for FCE. Of course, these names are all from my children.

In order to be able to entertain and learn and get rid of the simple memorization of words, I have adopted various forms, such as: Elimination of music, separate the Chinese and English of each word, choose the matching words according to the meaning, and deepen the understanding of the words And memory! The spelling king requires English words to be written according to the Chinese meaning, which is somewhat difficult. With the word PK, you can play a word recitation game between two people!

▌Function introduction

In order to facilitate daily memory, an automatic playback function has also been developed. Parents can turn on the mobile phone when children are resting, and automatically play words, making the mobile phone a veritable MP3 and improving listening skills.

In addition, I also developed a function of collecting wrong questions. The system will automatically collect the wrong words of users in the word test, so that they can strengthen the review and memory of this part of words in the future.

All these functions are gradually improved according to parents' thoughts and requirements during use, the purpose is to increase the efficiency and fun of memorizing words!

▌Cloud development advantages and part of the code

1. Cloud functions greatly reduce development workload

Since it is necessary to record the personalized information such as the progress of memorizing words of different users, openid is the only value that must be obtained to identify the user.

This small program was written in October 2018. At that time, the cloud development platform was not launched. Obtaining the user's openid is relatively troublesome. It requires a third-party server to send a request to return the openid value. Now using the cloud function inside the cloud development platform, you can easily get this value.

2. Cloud development reduces costs

The cloud development platform provides free 2G database capacity and 5G storage space, which is very attractive to individual developers. Compared with the use of third-party server space, this not only reduces costs, but also because of the unified platform, the speed and reliability of data reading are greatly improved, and the amount of code is also doubled. The traditional model still needs to send a request through a third-party platform to perform operations such as querying and updating the database. Using the cloud development platform, you can use cloud functions or a small amount of API code to achieve similar functions, which is very light.

3. Easy and fast version iteration

Mini programs need to be submitted for review before they can become an online version for users. In order to speed up the review, the official provides two options:

1. users who meet the standards of the Mini Program evaluation can enjoy a two-hour fast review;

The second is that there is an expedited review opportunity once a year, and the review can be conducted quickly.

In fact, if the mini program audit record is good, the system can basically complete the audit within half a day. (Here I want to give a thumbs up to the WeChat review team!)


The final result, of course, is that the child passed the exam and successfully entered the ideal middle school to achieve the predetermined goal of primary school promotion. I have also gained a lot of testmates and parents of Xueba. They gave a lot of valuable comments and suggestions during my development process, so that my small program is becoming more and more perfect, and there are various forms of exercises and tests. It can automatically play audio and even do listening exercises. Cloud development has opened the window for me to develop WEB applications. Not only can I see and gain, accelerate the formation of products, but also enhance my self-confidence and make me an expert in software development. Thanks to WeChat for providing such a good development platform, and more and more developers are welcome to use this platform and use cloud development to do more meaningful things for children's English learning.

Cloud Development (CloudBase) is a cloud-integrated product solution. It adopts a serverless architecture, avoids operation and maintenance such as environment construction, supports one cloud and multiple terminals, and helps to quickly build small programs, web applications, and mobile applications.

Technical documentation:

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