"Cloud Development CTO Exchange Day·Shenzhen Station" is here!

"Cloud Development CTO Exchange Day·Shenzhen Station" is here!

Speed ​​is the key to victory in fierce industry competition. From the birth of a commercial idea to the establishment of a team, the development and launch of products to complete the market verification, to the expansion of more possibilities, time is money, and speed is the answer. As the saying goes, "Haste is not achieved". How can companies use the power of new technology to achieve rapid and steady development in the ever-changing competition? You are welcome to sign up to participate in the "Cloud Development CTO Exchange Day · Shenzhen Station" to find answers together with us. You can get a commemorative gift when you arrive .

Activity time

October 29 (Thursday) 10:00-12:30

Event Location

Tencent Binhai Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Activity agenda

Tencent corporate visit

Technical management experience sharing and new technology introduction

Technical exchange and discussion

ways of registration

Scan the QR code in the poster below to register

Welcome all corporate CEOs/CTOs/technical team managers/new technology practitioners to participate

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