The number of users doubled in half a year, and the market share of Tencent Cloud's developed products ranks first in the industry

The number of users doubled in half a year, and the market share of Tencent Cloud's developed products ranks first in the industry

Recently, at the 2020 Cloud Native Online Technology Conference, Tencent Cloud disclosed for the first time the achievements in the cloud native field and the cloud native product matrix. Among them, Tencent Cloud's products have increased by 100% in users within half a year. Active users accounted for 30% of the active developers in the WeChat market, ranking first in the industry in terms of market share.

Mini programs, H5, and APP are already indispensable in daily life. The user's demand for diversified scenarios has prompted enterprises to efficiently and quickly carry out application innovation and iteration. To this end, Tencent Cloud has launched CloudBase, a cloud development platform based on Serverless, to build a multi-cloud application development platform that supports multi-end scenarios including WeChat applets, H5, and mobile apps.

At the same time, this year's cloud development and WeChat platform cooperation have been upgraded, the mini program and official account have been fully connected, and two blockbuster products , the CloudBase Framework  and cloud applications , have been released  .

The CloudBase Framework integrated deployment tool focuses on the pain points that developers have in the process of project development, such as difficulty in migrating inventory, unified data resources, and low development efficiency. Through the integrated deployment method, CloudBase Framework allows developers to perform one-click hosting and deployment without modifying the code. At the same time, the cloud development method realizes the automatic creation and expansion of machines, and flexibly automates the use of large and small traffic to help development Enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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The cloud application platform is the first fully managed service computing platform based on serverless containers in China, which can help enterprises achieve fast one-click cloud access under the traditional business model. The platform is compatible with Knative and does not limit languages ​​and frameworks. It also supports scaling from 0 to N, helping products under the traditional business model to be lightly transformed into the cloud with one-click and enjoy the convenience of Serverless.

Cloud development empowers many types of scenarios based on powerful cloud native capabilities. In terms of improving development efficiency, cloud development provides a solution for dual-end processing. It provides a multi-language SDK on the front end, and uses one API to implement multiple applications for the original complex functions; it provides out-of-the-box use on the back end. The ability of the company, including database, expansion, storage, etc., improves the development efficiency of the project and enables the rapid delivery of the development project.

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Take WeChat Reading as an example. Through the use of cloud development, WeChat Reading has increased the performance of the APP and H5 by 4 times and 2 times, respectively, and has accumulated 300+ updated versions in 10 months. On the one hand, WeChat Reading conducts debugging and development through development integration, which has increased the speed of the entire product development. On the other hand, WeChat Reading relies on the high-quality basic framework provided by Cloud Development, which allows the development team to focus more on business development and provides substantial help for the high-quality and rapid development of WeChat Reading.

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Cloud development still has outstanding performance in the scene of high-traffic and high-concurrency activities. Cloud development comes with elastic expansion and contraction features. In the cloud development mode, there is no need to deploy a large amount of resources in advance to cope with high concurrency. Backed by the massive resource capabilities of Tencent Cloud, it can expand almost infinitely automatically and horizontally to support massive concurrent requests. On the night of the "Creation Camp 2020" group, cloud development not only achieved 100% safety and no dead ends, but also stabilized the audience with high performance under the voting "second kill" scene, escorting the smooth progress of the program.

Compared with the traditional development model, the use of cloud development can save enterprises more than half of the labor costs. At present, Tencent Cloud has also helped the transformation of traditional industries such as government affairs and transportation. For example, the small programs and H5 used by Shenzhen Airport all adopt the cloud development model, which combines the construction of a unified access layer with the Shenzhen Airport intranet, and adopts a new hybrid cloud model to help some services of Shenzhen Airport "go to the cloud". Help Shenzhen Airport improve its smart management capabilities and passenger service quality.

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At the same time, Tencent Cloud Development is gradually penetrating into various industries to meet the needs of customers in different industries. Wang Qian, Deputy Director of Tencent Cloud Development Products, said in an interview: "At present, Tencent Cloud Development has established a service provider training and certification system in conjunction with government affairs, and will cover more industries such as education in the future. It will launch standardized training based on cloud development to improve the industry. Ecology."

In the future, cloud development will continue to provide convenient, efficient, and high-quality one-stop application development services for individuals and enterprise developers.

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