Serverless deployment of personal resume webpage

Serverless deployment of personal resume webpage

Today I will share with you an article about serverless deployment of personal resumes. Simply put, you don’t need to purchase servers to deploy a personal resume website.

Briefly introduce:

Serverless Framework is a very popular serverless application framework in the industry. Developers can deploy a complete and usable Serverless application framework without caring about the underlying resources. Serverless Framework has the capabilities of resource orchestration, auto-scaling, event-driven, etc., covering the entire life cycle of coding, debugging, testing, and deployment, helping developers to quickly build Serverless applications by linking cloud resources.

Tool preparation:

First make sure that the system contains the following environment:

1. Install Node.js and npm

Check whether the machine is installed through the node -v command. If it is not installed, refer to the node.js installation guide to install according to the computer system environment

2. Install Serverless Framework

npm install -g serverless//Global Serverless Framework CLI

serverless -v//View the version information of the Serverless Framework CLI

3. Create the Website app project

serverless//Create a new Website app project

After the creation is successful, you will see this page

At this time, we choose not to deploy the project to the cloud immediately

We download the personal resume template code, download address

Then unzip it to the project created just now, under the path address web/src folder, open the index.html file with a code editor, and modify the personal information inside.

4. Deployment

cd web//Enter the web folder

Will pop up when you deploy a two-dimensional code, which is used to log Tencent cloud account , the micro-channel scan code can register, login, authorized the deployment of

After the deployment is successful, open the website temporary domain name above, and you can see the following page

At this time, the personal resume website has been deployed. If you have a registered domain name, you can configure it on the Tencent Cloud console and resolve to this temporary domain name. If not, you can also deploy it to Hong Kong or overseas.

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